Electric scooter is adapted to the requirements for bicycles and electric bicycles. Its overall dimensions are smaller than that of standard adult tricycle.
Scooter2b is an ultra-reliable b2b electric scooter developed by racing engineers for intensive rental usage that suits for pedestrian and bicycle zones
Scooter2b is an ultra-reliable b2b electric scooter developed by racing engineers for intensive rental usage that suits for pedestrian and bicycle zones
  • Industrial facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Military facilities
  • Modern neighborhoods
  • Historic city centers
  • Shopping & entertainment malls
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Office and business centers
  • Technopark
  • University campuses
  • Hospitals
  • City parks
  • Stadiums
How scooter will help your business?
The scooter is designed from the scratch to meet all the requirements of rental organizations and is tailored to the needs of business. Check yours:
You get an effective reliable system of movement of employees to distant objects.


Walking patrolling is very ineffective. Car does not give access to many pedestrian areas and annoys pedestrians.

With Scooter2B, the guard can patrol entire perimeter of the object while sitting on a comfortable chair. Up to 50 km on one charge. Up to 50 kg of payload (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, DVR, etc.
    Moving around the city by car means traffic jams, expensive fuel costs, paid parking.

    To deliver your products, it is much more efficient to use an electric scooter, which can travel through pedestrian and cycle zones. Dimensions of the Scooter2b correspond to the width of the wheelchair, so they are compatible with the entire urban infrastructure.


    Scooter2b allows you to transport loads with dimensions of 0.5x0.5x1 m. Cargo is located between the front sprung wheels, below the center of gravity and visually controlled by the driver.
    Scooter2b is a reliable tool for earning. You will be able to concentrate on developing and scaling the business, because your duties related to the repair and maintenance of scooters are reduced to a minimum.

    • Quick-change batteries provide non-stop operation of electric scooters without interruptions to recharging
    • 3-wheel stable system expands the audience of potential users (women, old people, etc.)
    • Built-in information management systems rental
    • Protection against theft
    Электроскутеры и электровелосипеды по привлекательным ценам частники ввозят маленькими партиями без заключения контракта с производителями. Они не обеспечивают склад запчастей и сервис. В конце прокатного сезона такие компании и сайты закрываются, и на следующий год пользователи остаются без поддержки.
    Answers to the most important questions when you are looking for the perfect scooter for business
    Why are the usual scooters from are not suitable for commercial use and rental?
    All scooters that you can buy in a store or online are made according to one principle: to create a minimally reliable (= cheap) scooter, so that with careful and NOT intensive use the percentage of failures do not exceed 10-15%. If scooter is imported officially, then the repair of the devices is taken over by distributors, and users have to patiently expect repair. After a year of warranty, the motors and batteries are generally out of order.

    Problems with bushings, wheels, chains, cranked steering and brakes are NOT covered under warranty. This leads to endless self-repair, and customers have an unpleasant feeling of "broken-down" technology. The failed part of the scooter is very rarely found on the bike market.

    Scooter2B is designed from reliable universal components used in quality bicycles and motorcycles. The main task in the development was to reduce repair and maintenance to a minimum.
    Why do you think you create the best scooter?
    Since 2009, we have delivered electric scooters to more than 400 rental companies and organizations in the CIS and Europe.

    We constantly searched for suppliers of the most reliable although "expensive" scooters, but all of them were created for the consumer market and constantly broke under intensive exploitation. We had to constantly repair them, and we know which components from which subcontractors stand the intensive exploitation, saw all the right and wrong design decisions.

    Our team attracted the best transport engineers and electronics engineers to create the ideal electric scooter for business.
    What are the unique features of Scooter2b?
    Scooter2b is designed from the scratch to meet the requirements of rental companies and corporate customers. Below are the most significant functions and characteristics.
    Front suspension
    Independent air suspension on both front wheels protects against turning over and increases shock absorption
    Rear suspension
    The effective rear suspension provides comfort to the driver and further reduces shock impact load
    Interchangeable battery allows you to continuously use the scooter during the day. You can install batteries of different capacities and chemistry
    Operating temperature
    Device can be operated at temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius (with a LiFePO battery)
    Comfortable wide chair makes it comfortable to work all day long
    Cargo location
    The location of cargo between the front wheels at a height of 40 cm (low center of gravity), double suspension of cargo, full visual control of oversized cargo during transportation
    Dimensions of the cargo hold
    Volume up to 0.25 cu. m. (50x50x100 cm)
    Lifting capacity
    Passenger 150 kg + cargo 30 kg
    Scooter dimensions
    The length is 130 cm, the width (distance between the front wheels) is 85 cm (corresponds to the width of the wheelchair). Sizes are compatible with the entire urban infrastructure and entrance doors
    Prices and configurations
    $ 4 990

    Design Accent
    Attractive fiberglass body, creating associations with a racing car.

    Distance: 40 km

    Maximum speed: 35 km / h

    Battery: 48 volts, LifePo, 9 Ah

    Operating temperature: above -10 C

    Charging time: 2-4 hours

    Rear hub motor: 1000W

    Brakes: front

    progressive for 3 wheels, adjustable gas shock absorbers

    Dimensions, cm: L178хW85хH90

    Scooter weight: 39 kg

    Weight of the driver: up to 150 kg (adjustable suspension stroke)
    $4 490.

    Modular cargo hold
    The possibility of installing a fiberglass box or special fasteners for various loads

    Distance: 50 km

    Maximum speed: 35 km / h

    Battery: 48 volts, Li-ion, 12 Ah

    Operating temperature: above +5 C

    Charging time: 4 hours

    Rear hub motor: 1000W

    Brakes: Hydraulic, front

    Suspension: progressive for 3 wheels, adjustable gas shock absorbers

    Dimensions, cm: L178хW85хH90

    Scooter weight: 39 kg

    Weight of the driver: up to 140 kg

    Dimensions of the cargo, cm: L50хW48хH90

    Cargo weight: up to 60 kg
    Price on request

    Organized storage, charging and unlocking of devices

    Number of devices: Modules for 5 scooters

    automatic scooter charge when connected to the station

    Lock: Mechanical or electric lock

    Key: RFID card / keychain or standard mechanical key

    Station length: 5.1 meters

    Power supply: 0.7 to 1.5 kW

    Additional options
    Box for pizza
    Fiberglass box with integrated heater, dimensions 52x42x45 cm
    LifePo Battery
    LiFePO, 48 volts 15 Ah
    Mileage 30-50 km
    Charging temperature:+5 to +40C
    Discharging temperature:-10 to +50C

    LiOn battery
    LiOn, 48 volts 12 Ah
    Mileage 40-60 km
    Charging temperature:+10 to +40C
    Discharging temperature: +5 to +30C
    Wide suspension
    Gives greater stability in bends at high speed. Fits both scooter models
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